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Mamey is a tropical fruit. Mami is a term of endearment for a girl or woman. 

Mamey Mami is a food truck social enterprise in the making. It is a celebration of Miami cuisine, with all its Latin American and Caribbean influences. We bring that food to Orange County through our catering services, and eventually, through our food truck.

Mamey Mami will develop into a social enterprise. We will offer culinary training to individuals in transition, like the formerly-incarcerated, recently homeless, and those leaving foster care. We intend to grow into a benefit corporation with living wages and employees as enterprise co-owners. We believe that the private sector has space to transform itself to address issues of poverty, inequality, and social instability. Let’s create something better. 


Miami Cuisine

Miami is a cultural crossroads of Latin America, the Caribbean, the Northeast, and the South. These influences give the Magic City splendidly unique food offerings. 

The Mamey Mami food truck, still under construction, will focus on street food. Expect Miami classics like Cuban, jerk chicken, and steak sandwiches. We will also serve newer editions to Miami's street food scene, like gluten-free plantain burgers.

As our name suggests, we will always serve the subtly sweet, deliciously creamy, and very Miami mamey milkshake.



As we await our food truck, Mamey Mami offers weekend catering services. 

We are happy to develop the perfect menu for your guests. Recent offerings include Jamaican beef patties, guava and cheese empanadas, chicken and rice casserole, sweet fried plantains, black bean and quinoa stew, mamey bread pudding, and hibiscus juice. We offer a variety of sauces and Miami soft drinks. Nearly everything we serve is made from scratch, with high-quality ingredients and traditional cooking techniques. Just let us know your needs, preferences, and allergies. Email for more information.      

Conscious of our planet and your health, Mamey Mami strives to source products as sustainably as possible. We believe in fair trade, minimal environmental impact, and humane animal farming.

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